The Art of Windjammers

From modern to the ships used by Columbus, or even hundreds of years before then, Windjammers have been around for some time. And that also means that there have been hundreds upon thousands of designs for a variety of ships. This means the inspiration for art showcasing ships has been covered for some time, from… Read more »

Submarine Art

We’re quick to point out our incredible array of naval and aviation imagery available here at Windjammer Arts on our blog. Battleships, fighter planes, destroyers and more are available in stunning representations that portray the amazing militaristic might our country has shown throughout its history.   Today however, we wanted to talk about a vessel… Read more »

Three New Renderings of U.S. Air Force Aircraft

Here at Windjammer Arts, we’re always trying to increase the number of artistic renderings of military craft that we can provide to military enthusiasts. The United States Armed Forces is a paragon of military might in our world, and the strength and beauty of our country’s most powerful armored craft is always a sight to… Read more »

Model Shipbuilding Plans

The history of American naval shipbuilding is one that is full of interesting folklore as well as incredible precision. Times of great conflict often spur major advances in military technology, both here in America and elsewhere. Here at Windjammer Arts, we cater to a range of hobbyists with our model shipbuilding plans, offering detailed plans… Read more »

Ships and Aircraft on Ghosted Backgrounds

The wide breadth of artworks available here at Windjammer Arts depict a massive variety of naval craft, including both ships and airplanes. Our clients love working with us because of the accuracy of our designs. We take incredible care with each of our images to ensure that every antenna, lifeboat, propeller and rudder is perfectly… Read more »

The Career Service Montage of Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko

Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko entered the U.S. Navy in 1929. He served as a Shipboard Metalsmith, readying 16 ships for naval service from the start of his career through to its completion thirty years later in 1959. The ships that he helped to craft, maintain and repair were a part of the U.S…. Read more »

The World Ocean Summit 2014

The massive oceans that make up so much of our planet’s surface receive such little notice on a daily basis. Centuries ago, the wild power of the open seas was a topic of great lore and even fear; these were days when a short journey might put your life at peril. However, the great strength… Read more »

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich [Video]

In recent years, maritime art has become an increasingly respected genre as large droves of fine art lovers have grown to appreciate the powerful and dangerous beauty that many artists capture on the canvas. The expansiveness of the open seas has a poetry all its own, making this subject an easy one to take some… Read more »

Transforming Marine Debris into Beautiful Art

Marine environments and shorelines are great areas for artistic inspiration. The tranquil nature of the beach has always juxtaposed well in images with the fierce nature of the swirling seas. What gets brought onto shore from these powerful waves and tides can be almost as engrossing as the natural landscape itself. In some areas of… Read more »