Submarine Art

We’re quick to point out our incredible array of naval and aviation imagery available here at Windjammer Arts on our blog. Battleships, fighter planes, destroyers and more are available in stunning representations that portray the amazing militaristic might our country has shown throughout its history.


Today however, we wanted to talk about a vessel that, despite its importance to America’s naval forces, is often overlooked by fans of our work: the submarine. It may appear to be no more than a slender tube of grey or black, but those who understand the power of this craft know that there’s much more than meets the eyes.


As our submarine art page will show you, we offer a wide variety of classes and specifications for submarine craft, each of which is modeled after vessels, which actually served in or were commissioned for the United States Navy. Especially since World War II, our country has developed a unique might in submarine technology that is well represented in our collection.


Some of our options will delight military historians and others with a penchant for collecting unique military creations, like the super powerful USS Triton or the Arctic exploration vehicle the USS Nautilus. These images make great gifts for veterans who are proud of their service spent aboard these craft, and they can easily picture the bustling small city operating underneath those dark pieces of sheet metal.


Customers will be happy to hear that any of these reproductions are available in a variety of printed styles. Our standard rolled profile print, measuring 11-inches by 17-inches, is available for $40; for $50, customers can enjoy a data print containing customized information. We even have plexiglass framed options available starting at $95 for a more formal look. All of our prices include shipping.


Celebrate our country’s military endeavors accomplished under the water’s surface with any of our fantastic submarine prints. George Bieda of Windjammer Arts loves to share the artwork he has painstakingly crafted with other military enthusiasts.