Ship Profile Drawing

When it comes to the love of the sea and ships, you can only do so much to take it with you everywhere. Away from the waves, you can’t see ships as often, and sometimes never. Anywhere in the deep mainland areas of countries might go their entire lives without ever experiencing what it is like to see a ship.

Unfortunately there really is nothing that can make up for the lack of seeing any windjammer in person. But the love of ships is the very reason the first profile drawings of them came to be at Windjammer Arts. If there is anything we want to do, it is share our love of various sea-born vessels with as many people as possible. And that especially includes the ones that don’t get to experience ships on a daily basis.

But for those that do see ships regularly, or used to, we love keeping people in touch with the ships they miss. Maybe you served aboard one of the vessel drawings we offer, or maybe it just reminds you of a ship you saw often. No matter what we want to provide something for you to remember all the good experiences around your favorite ships.

Our drawings are done in color across 8 inches by 18 inches, with a few inches of that being framed from a mat. We make sure all the information about the ship is included, such as patches, name. But most of all, you get a side angle shot of the entire length of the ship with as many details as could be included.

Overall the drawings are the perfect gift for someone who loves ships, or just for yourself for all the memories. But no matter what, you should love the ship you pick out. So if you want more information or you are ready to pick up your first windjammer piece then get in touch!