Three New Renderings of U.S. Air Force Aircraft

Here at Windjammer Arts, we’re always trying to increase the number of artistic renderings of military craft that we can provide to military enthusiasts. The United States Armed Forces is a paragon of military might in our world, and the strength and beauty of our country’s most powerful armored craft is always a sight to behold.


That’s why we’re pleased to announce to our blog readers that we’ve added three new renderings of U.S. Air Force aircraft that represents a wide scope of military innovation. The F-100D Super Saber, one of the earliest aircraft to break the sound barrier during level flight, is one of these. Our particular version of this aircraft comes from the Ohio Air National Guard.


The Northrup T-38 Talon is another supersonic jet of the twin-engine variety, designed for high altitude flight and has held an exceptional safety record over the course of its service life. Our T-38A rendering depicts a pearly white version of this craft that flew with the 3615th Pilot Training Squadron.


One of the most effective bombers in the history of the U.S. Air Force, the Vought A-7 Corsair II is also part of this new class of artist’s renderings. This vessel experienced one of the lowest aircraft loss rates during the entire course of the Vietnam War, while offering three times the bomb payload of prior aircraft.


All of our renderings come with a thorough listing of specifications, helping fans of our military artwork learn even more about these impressive vehicles. Although these versions depict craft that flew with specific National Guard squadrons, we can alter renderings to reflect any squadron or service of any Air Force veteran who flew these airplanes.


Windjammer Arts is always hard at work to capture the artistry and precision of these fine military craft. When you want a stellar print of ships, aircraft and other military vehicles, trust us to provide amazing quality in image reproduction.