Model Shipbuilding Plans

The history of American naval shipbuilding is one that is full of interesting folklore as well as incredible precision. Times of great conflict often spur major advances in military technology, both here in America and elsewhere. Here at Windjammer Arts, we cater to a range of hobbyists with our model shipbuilding plans, offering detailed plans on how to build scale recreations of static or remote-controlled replica ships commissioned by the U.S. Navy.

Recently, model ship builders have been showing a lot of interest in our model plans for the Montana-class battleships which American military officials planned to build during World War II. The Montana-class included five different ships, which were to have been the successors to the Iowa-class, but they were never built.

These battleships are the last ones ever designed by the U.S. Navy, which began to shift its focus more towards aircraft carriers and amphibious vessels by the end of WWII. Although no one has ever walked the deck of these craft, the heavy armaments and incredible armor that the Montana-class and its five ships, the USS Montana, USS Ohio, USS Maine, USS New Hampshire and the USS Louisiana, are a great source of wonder for battleship enthusiasts.

Model shipbuilding plans for Montana-class battleships are available through our link for our WWII Battleship Series of model shipbuilding plans. Our plans will allow you to construct models at a scale of either 1/192 or 1/384, providing a perfectly sized and proportioned replica.

The impressive nature of battleships and other naval craft is why Windjammer Arts believes they make for such an interesting visual subject. The United States has a treasured history of naval innovation going back over the better part of a century since its emergence as a global power. Let Windjammer Arts help you celebrate this hallowed tradition by building your own scale replicas representing our country’s naval might.