The Career Service Montage of Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko

Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko entered the U.S. Navy in 1929. He served as a Shipboard Metalsmith, readying 16 ships for naval service from the start of his career through to its completion thirty years later in 1959.

Navy paintings for saleThe ships that he helped to craft, maintain and repair were a part of the U.S. efforts in World War II and Korea – earning 34 battle stars between them. As a Naval Metalsmith, Chief Petty Officer Belasko would have completed sixteen weeks of intensive specified training to prepare him for his thirty years of service, in addition to the standard United States Navy career training.

During his faithful service as a U.S. Naval Shipboard Metalsmith, Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko participated in the Atomic Bomb Tests after World War II in the South Pacific. He was awarded over 6 medals and decorations over the course of his service on top of the accolades that the ships he crafted earned during his time in the U.S. Navy.

Windjammer Arts has created a career service montage at the request of Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko’s son, Bill, who wished to honor his father’s illustrious naval career. The piece is a 21×21 inch montage including portraits of the ships Chief Petty Officer Belasko worked on: four stack destroyers, five destroyer tenders, three troop transports, a light cruiser, two Gearing/Sumner class destroyers, and a submarine.

Windjammer Arts would like to send a well-earned salute to both Chief Petty Officer Belasko and his son for his unwavering service to both the U.S. Navy and his country.