Ship Profile Drawing


When it comes to the love of the sea and ships, you can only do so much to take it with you everywhere. Away from the waves, you can’t see ships as often, and sometimes never. Anywhere in the deep mainland areas of countries might go their entire lives without ever experiencing what it is […]

Ships and Aircraft on Ghosted Backgrounds

The wide breadth of artworks available here at Windjammer Arts depict a massive variety of naval craft, including both ships and airplanes. Our clients love working with us because of the accuracy of our designs. We take incredible care with each of our images to ensure that every antenna, lifeboat, propeller and rudder is perfectly […]

The Career Service Montage of Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko

Chief Petty Officer Joseph W. Belasko entered the U.S. Navy in 1929. He served as a Shipboard Metalsmith, readying 16 ships for naval service from the start of his career through to its completion thirty years later in 1959.   The ships that he helped to craft, maintain and repair were a part of the […]

The World Ocean Summit 2014

The massive oceans that make up so much of our planet’s surface receive such little notice on a daily basis. Centuries ago, the wild power of the open seas was a topic of great lore and even fear; these were days when a short journey might put your life at peril. However, the great strength […]

Celebrating the Sea at Windjammer Arts

Have you ever heard of the Royal Society of Marine Artists? Not many stateside have, but they are based in England and are the foremost marine artists in that country. Their tagline is “Celebrating the Sea” and that they do, with a fervency that rivals any religious group. Since 1939, the group has been at […]

What is Marine Art?

The wild, tempestuous crashing of waves on the open seas, coupled with stark images of a ship’s bow ripping through the waters, makes an original and engaging subject matter for artistic endeavours. Marine art is a form of expression that has been incredibly popular among Western audiences since at least the 17th century. Painters, sculptors, […]